3 Key Points Before Investing In A 3D Scanning Technology

The 3 key points that are worth scanning for before investing in a 3D scanning technology.

Investing in a 3D scanner technology has never been a cheap investment, it requires meticulous research. Many promises good scanning output, but only a few could deliver a job well done.

Scanning speed is often a primary criterion when buying a 3D scanner. Speed is important for time-consuming operations such as quality control in multiple parts. It is also important when scanning large components, requiring multiple passes. In many cases, working time and productivity are directly linked to the scanning speed. So, what do we mean when we talk about scanning speed?

The 3 key points to assess the speed and quality of a 3D laser scanner are:

Laser line length: The standoff distance is the optimum distance from the scanner to the object. The field of view is the length of the laser scan at the optimum distance. The closer the scanner has to be the narrower the laser line. For example: A 50mm laser line will require 10 scans to obtain an object area but a 100mm laser line will only require 5.

Frequency: One of the most important indicators. The number of laser lines recorded per second. The higher the frequency, the less gaps between each laser line.

Acquisition: the number of points per second captured on the object area. Acquisition speed is calculated by multiplying frequency by the number of points on each laser line