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Automating and simplifying your processes means customer service becomes highly efficient, consistent and competitive. And that service can be reengineered and improved without adding more physical or staff resources. Your capability to do more and grow is pretty much guaranteed when you move from the limitations of a paper-based platform to a streamlined digital platform. In summary, better processes mean better business.

Fuji Xerox is leading from the front

We embrace, invest in and innovate change. Fuji Xerox’s experience in New Zealand includes:

50 years +
Government, Health & Education organisations.

4 of the top 5
Manufacturing organisations

5 of the top 8
Finance and Insurance organisations

3 of the top 5
Utilities organisations

Consulting Services

Capture, validate and index incoming customer and supplier data, quickly, accurately and without stress, regardless of original format, source or location. Disparate data becomes accurate, consistent and actionable electronic information and can be released directly to your business application, database, workflow or document repository.

Our Smart Forms solution makes internal creation of forms, applications and surveys simple and efficient. Replace paper forms with dynamic web forms on your website or intranet, or capture customer information via mobile devices. Transform collected data into personalised outputs such as licence renewals, marketing materials, financial proposals and policy documents.

DocuShare Enterprise is one of the easiest-to-use and versatile web-based content management solutions on the market. Your organisation can configure and automate high-volume, document-centric business processes and support case management, mortgage loan applications, claims processing,  HR and new hire onboarding, forms processing and accounts payables and receivables, etc.

Process and document workflow
By integrating the information in your ERP with your ECM, we can provide the versatility and power of multichannel capture, streamlined document and business processes, and mobile and analytics capabilities – all without cost-intensive modifications. With near real-time analytics of content and process data at hand, it’s easier to make informed, prompt and effective decisions. You also gain valuable insights into optimising your business processes.

Process automation
Deliver the valuable information you’ve collected from your website or web portal directly into your enterprise applications. Quickly, cleanly and in a usable format. Our information integration and automation platform provides the fastest and most efficient way to automatically acquire, enhance, and deliver web-supplied information into enterprise applications. We can also automate the process of accessing data from market and competitor sites, legacy systems, databases and Microsoft Excel.

Dynamic case management
Use automation to take the challenge out of variable case management business processes. With dynamic case management, your organisation can dynamically create and track the workflows needed to address rapidly changing and incident-specific requirements. Multiple business applications be orchestrated and employees receive data in context.

Digital signing
Easily track any changes to a previously approved document or message with an embedded digital signature. Our cryptographic, personalised digital signature technology guarantees the certified non-repudiation of signed and sealed documents.

Accounts payable process automation
Save time and money with a fully optimised accounts payable process. Our system uses intelligent capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities. Regardless of invoice format, data capture is accurate and highly efficient, across 120+ languages.

HR on-boarding process automation
Automate the time-consuming steps required to add a new employee to your organisation, while ensuring compliance with your HR processes. DocuShare enables a virtually paperless process to manage the complexities of approvals, and expedite the onboarding process.

Document designer
Through data-driven document composition you can personalise great looking documents, invoices or reports. Start from scratch, redesign existing layouts, adapt PDFs, and add a wealth of content from a range of sources with our document designer. Merge data from multiple systems to personalise outgoing communications, and use wizards to add dynamic data-driven content including images, graphs and text.

Whitespace management for ad-hoc, direct and essential mail
Unlock the data in your business systems so every type of customer communication delivers a return on investment. Turn white space on both non-marketing and marketing collateral into an opportunity to market, up-sell, cross-sell and cement customer loyalty using the knowledge you already have in your organisation to add targeted offers based on your customers’ previous purchasing behaviour.

Multi-channel output
We help you engage with customers through a multitude of channels including email, SMS, self-service web portals and social media. From outright sales offers to how-did-we-do surveys to thank you notes: if it’s digital and data-driven, we can help you do it. Our solution ensures that you can access the data needed to make sure these communications are optimised, relevant, personalised and allow real-time recipient interaction.

Our business intelligence and analytics platform helps you realise the value of your organisational information, without adding cost or complexity. Enjoy superior functionality without incurring the expense associated with conventional business intelligence and analytics products. Our solution’s optimised and interactive web-based dashboards reveal and highlight how well your organisation’s systems are working. Administrators can report with clarity on the performance, accuracy and costs of all operational areas.  Real-time trends are captured so every business decision you make is fast and fact-based. 

With DocuShare, our web-based document management system, your employees can securely open, read, edit, upload, print and manage business documents on their mobile devices. Extend mobile capabilities to your customers so they can pay bills, deposit funds, open and update accounts and apply for loans. Streamline the approval of your supplier invoices with our mobile invoice approval application.

Reduced Go Bus’ month-end invoice reconciliation from 10 days to 2 days

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Optimised AUT’s print environment – saving >$637k, 1.36 million sheets of paper in Year 1 & maintained 80% proactive print environment

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Reduced Partners life’s new insurance application turnaround from 36 hours to 4 hours

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Business Process Outsourcing

Extend the optimisation of the printing environment offered by our Managed Print Services.  Next Generation improves document work processes even further, and enhances security in mobile and cloud environments. Our three-stage approach delivers continuous value and provides services according to the maturity of your office.

1. Assess and Optimise:
Using analytical tools to capture the total cost of your print environment, we reduce costs and environmental load. We compare information with other departments or industry standards and generate ‘what-if’ scenarios to enhance your work environment.

2. Secure and Integrate:
We enhance security and print management in whatever environment documents are used – in office, mobile, or cloud environments. Advanced print management settings can be configured to selectively restrict actions, such as colour output or printing confidential documents. These configurations can be applied to non-Fuji Xerox devices as well.

3. Automate and Simplify:
We determine the why, how and where of printed documents and how they’re shared and distributed. After identifying inefficient work processes, we introduce efficiencies by digitising paper-based processes and automating your workflow. We also help you manage the sharing, saving and conversion of documents created via tablets, smartphones and other sources.

We save you time and unnecessary expense by inserting your paper and electronic documents directly into your workflow. Our Imaging and Document Management Services can streamline your document workflow, and manage your business processes more profitably.  We provide everything from sophisticated scanning and conversion through to electronic management and storage. All of your incoming data, regardless of format, is accurately captured, validated and integrated directly into your existing business system data. Fingertip browsing technology makes the process of locating incoming information again fast and simple.

Automating the handling of your physical mail can provide noticeable improvements in business productivity. We work in conjunction with your experts to understand and incorporate your unique business requirements to ensure our system melds with your systems and processes. Physical mail can be collected directly from your mailbox or offices, or redirected to a Fuji Xerox PO Box.

 We can also automate your Inbox. Business emails are cleared intelligently from designated Inboxes; processed, sorted, scanned and released into your electronic queues.

Fuji Xerox on-site Digital Print Room Services provide security and control for digital print production. Working alongside digital mail, print procurement and graphic design services, we provide print production at a fraction of retail costs with down-the-hallway convenience. With online job submission options and detailed reporting, our Digital Print Room Services provide cost transparency and can be fully resourced and managed by us, enabling you to focus on your core operations.

Experience the cost and efficiency benefits of our fully integrated print management, print production, creative design services, digital asset management and logistics and supply-chain management services. Our team delivers value, transparency and savings to your print and digital marketing by removing the complexity from what can be a fragmented, inefficient and less than cost-effective process. With the largest print supply chain in New Zealand, we deliver unbeatable economies of scale and scope.  

With over 80 staff delivering creative design and print solutions in over 40 sites in New Zealand, our experience and depth give us unparalleled capability. We work extensively in government, health and education as well as corporate sector industries.

Fuji Xerox provides Graphic Design Services to a number of customers in New Zealand. Our service offers significant value for money, a high degree of service flexibility, and the right people and support to drive communications, innovation and change. Our designers design for print, presentation or digital channels, and we will employ for your requirements. We offer 100% transparency with activity reporting and departmental use of the service enabling you to recharge the services and manage trends.

Our leading multi-channel communication services reduce time-to-market and increase response rates through our end-to-end document processes. We facilitate distribution to any channel across multiple vendors from a single file input.  Our services deliver effective customer communication; everything from design, editing, print and then distribution. And our ability to manage dynamic customer preferences means that if one channel of communication fails (for example, an email address is no longer valid) we route it to the next paper production run. We even handle direct and third party payment processing.  

We use our services to utilise the value of commonly retained transactional documents like invoices, statements and account updates. We convert these documents into full-colour marketing tools to deliver highly personalised data-driven promotional messaging, offers, new product or service information, discounts and rewards.

Unified and streamlined the lending processes for one of New Zealand’s leading providers of financial credit services

Reduced the time taken for new account registration process by 60% for one of New Zealand’s publicly listed utilities providers

Transformed print management and procurement processes for one of NZ’s largest communications service providers saving ~$1m in external print costs