APL Window and Doors

APL Window and Doors: Home-use vs. High-end. Discover their success

APL Window and Doors painstaking manual process with their home/hobbyist style 3D printers produced an inaccurate result on their prototypes production. The print images required a high degree of manual finishing, and impacted the business turnaround time.

To solve the unbearable situation, they have purchased the Fuji Xerox’s ProJet MJP 2500 Plus to create precise plastic parts that are ideal for APL’s functional prototyping and rapid tooling, along with many other applications.

What was the outcome?

 “With the ProJet it now takes about a day to output a whole plate’s worth of prototypes,” says Darryl Vooght, APL’s Design and Innovation Manager.

ProJet MJP 2500 Plus:

  • Print multiple iterations or design on one build
  • Fast turnaround time on finishing due to precision output
  • Huge commercial cost advantage


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