Clone 3D

Clone 3D and Fuji Xerox: Sharing a True Passion for 3D Print

Born out of Hayden Bennett’s fascination for 3D printing, Clone 3D came to life. In exchange for his successful marine business, he turned his passion into an additive manufacturing business venture. Since its founding in 2014, the company had produced over 15,000 items ranging from rapid prototypes, functional models, end-use-parts, architecture, sculptures etc., for corporate marketing departments and small-medium businesses nationwide.

Hayden’s first two commercial devices were fused deposition modelling printers for extruding thermoplastics. These produced low and medium resolution prototypes and end-use parts for Clone 3D outputs.

It was inevitable to accumulate more customers due to Hayden’s dedication. However, this meant an increase demand on his output volume and faster turnaround time. He understood that quality is uncompromisable and can only be achieved by picking the perfect 3D printer.

After spending an estimated amount of $30,000 for testing four different brand devices that resulted to nowhere, Hayden concluded that the best decision is to invest in a 3D Systems ProJet Multi-Jet Printer (MJP) 2500 plus from Fuji Xerox.

Advantages of Fuji Xerox 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 Plus:

  • Easy part processing
  • Generous plate size of 295mm x 211mm x 142mm
  • Delivers high precision models, prototypes and rapid tooling output
  • Prints rigid parts like ABS-like plastics and elastomeric parts

The Outcome:

  • Created a near production-quality parts within hours. 120 identical parts were produced within 18 hours as opposed to the previous production turnover rate of an hour per part
  • Huge commercial cost advantage
  • Increased manufacturing demand for using high quality printer
  • Improved customer satisfaction


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