Kreon Scanning Arm

Capture your world in 3D: Kreon Ace Measuring Arm and Scanner

Kreon 3D scanning technology generates high-quality digital data images from physical objects into Geomagic reverse engineering software. It scans data for quality control checks of components for evaluation of geometry, shape, design dimensions and tolerances comparison with CAD files.

It is also a powerful tool for new product design. It provides new capabilities to designers, and engineers and allows companies to produce improved products while saving time and money. In recent years, leading companies have successfully implemented 3D scanning into their design process to develop superior products.

Discover the advantages of Kreon Scanning Arm:

• Enhance aesthetics
• Improve ergonomics
• Easy to use scanning solution
• Contact and non-contact measurements
• 6 and 7-axis measuring arms up to 3 meters long
• Up to 200mm laser line width accuracy to 15 µm

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