The Rodin Project

The Rodin Project: Thinking outside the square with Fuji Xerox 3D Systems

“Our Fuji Xerox 3D Systems printers are critical to the high-level of production and design needed to make Rodin Cars a success.” Said David Dicker, Owner, Rodin Cars.

Keen to output parts which could be used directly in the cars, David purchased two 3D Systems printers from Fuji Xerox. The ProX DMP 320 mid-2016 and the ProX 800 in early 2017. “I’ve never been a big fan of titanium casting because it has to be done in a vacuum, and it’s quite a mission. Some of the parts we’ve been able to get out of the 320 are pretty impressive, you’d be hard pressed to get them with casting.”

What was the outcome?

Production of boundary pushing components through virtually limitless freedom of design.

PROX800 model:
–           Large build volume
–           High-temperature material for Carbon Fibre Tooling
–           Accurate master patterns for Vacuum and Investment Casting

PROX DMP 320 model:
–           High throughput and efficiency
–           Excellent material purity and surface finish
–           Wide range of material options


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