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Weta Workshop: The 3D Fellowship

“Almost every job Weta Workshop undertakes has some element of 3D printing in it,” says Richard. “We built many of our own 3D printers, but none of these machines reach the fidelity that the Fuji Xerox 3D Systems machine gives us.”

Weta Workshop’s highly talented people are more than capable of making everything by hand, but time isn’t always a luxury they have in a competitive world. This is well illustrated by the mere 7 ½ weeks of pre-production time they had for ‘The Hobbit’ compared with the relatively generous 3 ½ years allowed to hand craft everything for ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

“We have to compete against the other effects facilities in the world and therefore cost effectiveness and time are always considerations for us. To tackle both of these, we continually turn to sophisticated manufacturing technologies. The primary one, of course, is 3D printing.”

They turned to Fuji Xerox 3D Systems printer, the ProJet 3510 HDMax 3D Systems. It delivered a high level of accuracy and efficiency in producing their ‘Flies’ project. It produced 400 remarkably accurate flies of varying sizes in record time and astonishing detail.

“The help from a Fuji Xerox 3D engineer is only a phone call away and available 24/7, keeping downtime to a minimum, imperative for the tight lead-times”

“One of the things that’s been really helpful is the Fuji Xerox guys giving us examples of the sort of technology and materials that are coming down the track. This gives us a sense of where we can go in the future, and the sort of things we can expect to use as we develop our capacity and capability in the space. It really has been a terrific partnership.”

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