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Accounts Payable Automation

Our Accounts Payable automation software allows businesses to eliminate the pains of manual AP invoice processing thanks to AI-driven data capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities. The end result? A simpler, more efficient, and highly visible way to manage cash flow and generate new revenue.

Our solution makes running a best-in-class AP operation a reality thanks to decades of industry expertise and dedication to providing customers with leading-edge solutions in order to:

“Due to the automation Esker provides, we’ve eliminated the need to print out invoices and removed the growing frustration around the business at the paper-based system.”

Vaughan Taylor, Chief Financial Officer, European Motor Distributors.

Intelligent dashboards with packaged KPIs allow accounts payable workflow users to customize what AP-related metrics are displayed on their interface. This allows every action — from performing daily tasks to monitoring budgets — to be more strategic and value-added.

  • Real-time business trends in easy-to-read charts and reports

  • Personalized user workspace with unlimited capacity

  • Simplified global management of AP shared services centers

  • Daily metrics that matter to each user

  • Data available on the go

“The entire project has been ‘a pleasure’. You don’t hear that about many implementations. But Fuji Xerox has shown that when you get all the right people in at the start, and you have a clear idea of what needs to be done, an enterprise software project doesn’t have to be a headache.”

Arlee Folkers, Group CFO, Isaac Construction

Our multi-channel solution lets you process invoices in any format and from any input channel, whether received by mail, email or EDI. By turning a machine-readable EDI invoice into a human-readable version, you can now apply standard AP processes to EDI invoices as well.

Esker’s mobile requisition and invoice approval application allows you to:

  • Easily approve invoices and purchase requisitions anytime, anywhere.

  • Quickly resolve exceptions and approvals to improve supplier relationships.

  • Increase P2P efficiency thanks to fewer slowdowns and faster approvals.

  • Track key metrics while on the go via customizable dashboards.

“It just works. It has an app, it has delegation of authority, it has complete visibility. I can log-in with my phone and find any invoice, see where it is in the process, and even approve it, in seconds.”

Oliver O'Neill, Group CFO, Ruralco.


FarmRight- More time for farming. Less time on Accounts Payable.

Isaac Construction

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