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Cloud-based automation software that helps AP departments work smarter, not harder.

Esker is an AI driven automated solution that delivers speed and simplicity in the most complex AP environments.

Esker Accounts Payable Automation optimises the process of verifying, entering vendor invoices and getting approval with intelligent capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities — helping companies save vital time and costs while improving
supplier relationships.

Esker’s cloud approach helps to preserve capital by automating the Accounts Payable processing without additional IT complexity or associated expenditure:

Esker Cloud Accounts Payable automation offers rich functionality to streamline and automate the process of capturing, submitting, approving and paying vendor invoices to reduce invoice processing times, help ensure accuracy and control, and providing real-time visibility of each invoice in the payment cycle. Companies get the capabilities expected from an on-premise software solution, but move from capital to operational expenditure and gain flexibility for variations in document volume and number of users.


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