AUT managed print services

AUT is New Zealand’s fastest growing university. Fuji Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS) solution successfully reduced AUT’s entire print fleet by >50%, saved at least $637,000 within the first year of implementation, and an estimated $1.5 million over the five-year contract. Our solution had also saved 1.36 million sheets of paper in the first year.…

“Fuji Xerox’s Managed Print Services (MPS) solution gave AUT a fully managed fleet of devices. It was the ultimate hands-off solution for the University.”

In 2013, AUT ICT team went to market for a more efficient print solution as their contract with a third-party supplier was coming to an end. The team had clear objectives:

• a centralised print service fully managed by the supplier
• eliminate capital cost outlay by building costs into cost-per-copy so the user pays
• achieve sustainability goals by reducing printer fleet footprint
• reduce overall print costs • gain in productivity and decreased support effort required from the limited ICT resources.

Fuji Xerox conducted an indepth fleet assessment, and proposed a comprehensive and farsighted solution guaranteeing substantial benefits and savings.

Fuji Xerox replaced AUT’s cost recovery solution with Equitrac, an industry leading print solution channelling user output through a single print queue. A quick swipe with an ID card releases documents to the most convenient multi-function device (MFD), with reduced paper wastage, and increased document security and privacy. It captures costs accurately, allocating them against a student’s account or a staff member’s department. Equitrac’s mobile print solution gives students who utilise their own devices even more flexibility.

Fuji Xerox New Zealand’s MPS solution reduced the TCO of an essential business service for AUT. The five-year contract will see AUT make overall savings in the region of NZ$1.5m.

The 2015 year comparison to AUT’s previous solution had already reached NZ$637,000 in realised savings. An estimated NZ$160,000 a year saving is expected through the reduction of resources needed to support printing.

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