The Fuji Xerox New Zealand Outsourced Business Services portfolio represents the best document management processes available – internationally and locally.

Our global experience and knowledge, coupled with our strong local presence and expertise, enable us to drive increased utilisation of services, improve customer satisfaction levels and deliver best practice efficiencies to our customers.

Why partner with Fuji Xerox Outsourced Services team?

We have operated in New Zealand for over 50 years. Today, we provide enterprise solutions and services to many of the country’s largest organisations.

We review operations across the US, UK and Asia Pacific regions to deliver the best practices in New Zealand.

We supply business communications services to more organisations across the Asia Pacific region than ever before. We focus on providing our clients with ways to manage communications and costs, efficiently and effectively. Leveraging our advanced IT data management capacity, we can streamline your operations. By automating work processes and linking digital printing devices and work flow systems together, we give you higher efficiency and reduce your costs. As the region’s largest multi-channel service provider, we deliver the most comprehensive suite of electronic channels in the market, backed by proven adoption strategies to enhance your future.

Partner with us in confidence, and let your own digital transformation begin.

Next Generation Managed Print Services
Continual improvement of document work processes

Take the next step. Use your information more effectively, and not only print for less – but actually print less.

Next Generation Managed Print Services helps you extend the optimisation of the printing environment offered by our Managed Print Services.

Next Generation improves document work processes even further, and enhances security in mobile and cloud environments.

Our three-stage approach delivers continuous value and provides services according to the maturity of your office.

1: Assess and Optimise

Using analytical tools to capture the total cost of your print environment, we reduce costs and environmental load. We compare information with other departments or industry standards and generate ‘what-if’ scenarios to enhance your work environment.

2: Secure and Integrate

We enhance security and print management in whatever environment documents are used – in office, mobile, or cloud environments.

Advanced print management settings can be configured to selectively restrict actions, such as colour output or printing confidential documents. These configurations can be applied to non-Fuji Xerox devices as well.

3: Automate and Simplify

We determine the why, how and where of printed documents and how they’re shared and distributed. After identifying inefficient work processes, we introduce efficiencies by digitising paper-based processes and automating your workflow.

We also help you manage the sharing, saving and conversion of documents created via tablets, smartphones and other sources.


  • Improved document work processes
  • Ongoing improvement
Scanning Services
End to end management of incoming information

We save you time and unnecessary expense by inserting your paper and electronic documents directly into your workflow. And then we make finding them again a breeze.

Use our Imaging and Document Management Services to streamline your document workflow, and manage your business processes more profitably. We provide everything from sophisticated scanning and conversion through to electronic management and storage. All of your incoming data, regardless of format, is accurately captured, validated and integrated directly into your existing business system data. Fingertip browsing technology makes the process of locating incoming information again fast and simple.


  • Increased business efficiency
  • Reduced costs, increased profits
  • Improved accuracy
  • Accelerated processes

Automate your accounts payable systems to reduce the expense, inaccuracies and inefficiencies of manual processes. Your AP staff be happier, and so will your vendors and company accountants.

Our OptimiseAP service captures all your suppliers’ incoming documents, whether they are in paper, email, fax or electronic format. Our automated system validates and matches orders and invoices before uploading them into your finance system. User access for authorisation and exceptions management is available through a simple and secure web portal, accessible via any browser, and a full audit trail is maintained. Minimising manual processing frees up AP staff to focus on higher value activities. OptimiseAP is economical and highly efficient with as few as four full-time AP staff.


  • Improved flow-through rates in excess of 50%
  • Up to 50% savings in AP processing costs
  • Up to 70% reduction in staffing and operational costs
  • Maximised early payment discounts and reduced late payment fees
  • Enhanced control and visibility of cash flow
  • Improved vendor relationships
  • Compliance and legal benefits
  • Paper-free environment
  • Reduced error rate, no lost documents
  • End-to-end process visibility
  • No upfront investment in infrastructure or software

With our three strategically located Value Innovation Centres (VICs) – you’re covered. All day, every day.

Based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, our VICs operate 364 days a year, from 6.00am until 12.00am. Through constant monitoring and verification, our dedicated and highly trained teams ensure that all processes are faultless.

Housed in one of New Zealand’s leading data centres, the data processed by our VICs is monitored and supported 24/7. The VICs back one another up via high-speed fibre optic links, and offer scalability to clients with irregular workflow or volumes. Our VICs are highly secure, and adhere to best business practices, including comprehensive backups and emergency generators ensuring continuity in the case of a disaster.

With litigation comes evidence – generally masses of it. We specialise in bringing electronic order to analogue disarray. Case made.

Our innovative Legal eDiscovery processes rapidly transform any amount of hardcopy documents into consistent and High Court compliant file formats that are easy to review, search and categorise. We enrich your documents with the application of barcoding, document stamping and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to provide full text searchability. Objective document coding can be used to reveal metadata.


  • High Court compliant file formats
  • Fully searchable formats saves time
  • Integrity and consistency of your electronic documents assured Reduced internal operational overheads and delays
  • Streamlined document processing and unmatched turnaround times
Physical and Digital Mail Services
Get it sorted

You’ve got incoming mail, and lots of it. Get it from envelope to business process quickly, accurately and smoothly.

The mail room is often the last area companies consider when seeking to improve their efficiency and find cost savings. However, automating the handling of your physical mail can provide noticeable improvements in productivity.

We don’t just rely on our years of experience alone to receive, sort, open, prepare, scan, index and repatriate your company’s physical mail items. We work in conjunction with your experts to understand and incorporate your unique business requirements to ensure our system melds with your systems and processes. And to make it even easier, mail can be collected directly from your mailbox or offices, or redirected to a Fuji Xerox PO Box.


  • Faster mail handling and processing
  • Improved customer and vendor relationships
  • Reduced costs
  • More productive use of staff time

Automate your Inbox. Business emails are cleared intelligently from designated Inboxes, then processed, sorted, scanned and released into your electronic queues.

Remove the need for your staff to monitor queues and mailboxes. Instead, they simply forward business emails to specially set-up email addresses at Fuji Xerox. Set up dedicated email addresses for invoices, HR documents, claims, enrolments, applications and more. Our technology automatically feeds messages and attachments into our scanning and indexing processes, before releasing them into your electronic queues for handling by your knowledge workers.


  • Simplified and streamlined mail distribution
  • Improved productivity
  • Automated efficiency
  • Improved response times
Digital Print Room Services
Professional in-house digital printing

Imagine the convenience of having your own on-site high-end digital print shop.

Fully equipped with skilled staff, sophisticated print and finishing devices, and delivering responsive service.

We’ve already installed and manage over 50 secure on-site print centres around the country for some of New Zealand’s largest organisations in the education, financial and government sectors.

Our depth of experience in the print industry and adherence to global best practices means we always deliver an exceptional experience for our customers and their staff.

When total confidentiality and control of highly sensitive documents is critical, when timing is tight, and the highest quality service is essential, then our on-site print rooms are a low-risk option.

Our print room comes with more transparency than external print operations or third party procurement.

Online job submission provides a streamlined service to staff, and comprehensive reporting provides full visibility of cost by department.

Maximise your marketing budget by printing your internal newsletters, forms, documents, and even large format posters and banners in-house.

You’ll get quantifiable cost benefits, increased ROI and improved turnaround time.

We set up and manage your print room for you, providing the exact technology and print options to optimise cost efficiency.

We can integrate existing staff into your new digital print room, or provide fully trained resources.

You’ll enjoy financial and operating benefits from streamlined processes, operating hours efficiencies and a single point of contact for the print room services.

Working alongside our digital mail, print procurement and graphic design services, our print rooms provides digital print production at a fraction of retail costs.


  • Reduced print costs
  • Maximised marketing budget
  • Improved security and convenience
  • Faster turnaround
  • Fully managed technology and resources
  • Scalable to match work flow
Print Management Services
A total print procurement and management service

You’ll get great value for money, optimised and automated processes, and one point of contact for all your printing with our print management service . Print less, save more and return your focus to core business.

Our open book accounting gives you 100% visibility of all transactions.

You can see which suppliers you’re using and the true costs involved. We guarantee a reduction in your costs, as well as continuous incremental savings.

We provide your team with on-demand access to comprehensive and accurate management information. This makes it easy to measure the value of the service we deliver against key performance indicators which we detail in a strictly monitored Service Level Agreement.

Our fully coordinated print management service ticks all the boxes. It saves you money, provides unprecedented transparency, meets targets, and maximises the reach of your budget.

Your printing is guaranteed to be quality-consistent, produced to specification, and on time.

Your team will appreciate just dealing with one highly experienced print advisor who can advise, recommend and source practically anything thanks to our access to the largest independent supply chain in New Zealand.

Our service is underpinned by sophisticated technologies. They manage the entire print process from quote requests, proofing and approvals, controlling digital assets, preflighting of files and tracking projects, through to print delivery and logistics.

We also provide detailed analysis of your spend and performance.

We make your marketing dollar go further. Every job is routinely cross-quoted three times, so you get the right printer at the right price.

We leverage our considerable purchasing power to make sure we’re always competitive.

We know it’s not all about paper-based marketing though, so our service extends across the full range of customer channels to include web, mobile and social media.

You maximise your spend by combining variable print data, personalised websites, dynamics mapping, QR codes and more, for increased impact and response rates.

You can print stock items on-demand and download or place print orders with our self-service solution.

Never dump obsolete printing or run low in stock items again with our logistics, inventory management and warehousing solution.

Add our complex pick and pack and consolidation of deliveries to give you the full business-to-business order fulfilment and delivery service, and achieve even more cost savings.


  • Guaranteed cost reduction
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced wastage
  • Maximised value of your marketing dollar
  • True supplier independence
  • Advanced technology every step of the way
  • Full open book accounting
  • Committed brand integrity
Creative Services
Creative services and technologies

Get better value and consistency without compromising on the creative services you need.

Our creative design services can be set up as on-call or in-house, and are always priced competitively.

You benefit from the synergies of design and print with fast turnaround and a single point of contact, without compromising on consistency and value.

Our sophisticated Digital Asset Management solution protects your investment in the integrity of your brand, and the materials to support it.

You meet your internal procurement targets without the responsibility of resourcing additional creative services at peak times.

Your brand is in the best hands with our fully scalable creative design services.

We provide creative teams which can include existing design resources, or we can build a team from scratch for you.

Our significant employment and management experience in the design industry, coupled with the employee benefits we offer, opportunities for career growth and an environment featuring cutting edge technology, attracts some of the best possible talent.

We build teams within your communications/marketing team or print shop, or offsite, and with abilities to match your needs.

With our fixed costs and flexible approach, team can be scaled to reflect a fluctuating workflow and budget. Integration of designers within print room environments offers even more value and speed to the pass.

You will love the savings.

Our hourly rates and high productivity gives you great value for money.

We compare our rates against New Zealand and global graphic design benchmarks, so you can expect over 30% savings on in-house costs and in excess of 50% savings on agency fees.

Our productivity gains are achieved with best-in-breed design processes sourced from our global and local community of designers and industry experts.

Get an ongoing financial view of your spend by checking your job submission and departmental and user reporting electronically. We can also set up on-charging by department if desired.

Our commitment to continuous improvement increases productivity. We change the balance of your team and fixed vs. variable rates to provide year on year savings.

With over 80 staff delivering creative design and print solutions in over 40 sites in New Zealand, our experience and depth give us unparalleled capability.

We work extensively in government, health and education as well as corporate sector industries.


  • Increased productivity from your in-house design team
  • More value, energy and opportunities for staff
  • Fully managed service gives you total control

Your team is only as good as its tools.

Our creative technology solution is built on industry standard Adobe products and includes Microsoft Office as standard.

We maintain all the hardware and software that we supply, so it’s always absolutely current. We operate a Mac or PC environment, which can be isolated from or connected to your network as required.

Our Digital Asset Management solution gives you simplicity and control in the organisation, management, locating and sharing of images and files across multiple locations.

Multi-channel Communication
Customised customer communications

No two customers are alike, so why would you talk to them all in the same way? Maximise outcomes, improve your customer’s experience and gain loyalty by letting them choose the channel.

Our leading multi-channel communication services reduce time-to-market and increase response rates through our end-to-end document processes.

We facilitate distribution to any channel across multiple vendors from a single file input. Our services deliver effective customer communication; everything from design, editing, print and then distribution.

And our ability to manage dynamic customer preferences means that if one channel of communication fails (for example, an email address is no longer valid) we route it to the next paper production run.

We even handle direct and third party payment processing.

While customers can (and often will) ignore printed, or electronic marketing materials, we use our services to utilise the value of commonly retained transactional documents like invoices, statements and account updates. We convert these documents into full-colour marketing tools to deliver highly personalised data-driven promotional messaging, offers, new product or service information, discounts and rewards.


Loyalty gained by leveraging dynamic customer preferences
Maximised value of essential business communications
Increased response customer rates
Documents delivered through multiple interfaces (including portal integration, ViewPay, BPay View TM, any digital mailbox service, consumer direct, and social media)

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