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Fuji Xerox and Intelledox – Delivering Superior User Engagement & Experience

Since 2014, Fuji Xerox and Intelledox have jointly helped organisations in the government, finance, insurance sectors transition from paper-based to digital workflows, achieving quantifiable business results.

Together, Fuji Xerox New Zealand, Intelledox Infiniti platform and AON developed the Rural Application Solution, to make signing up rural businesses a quicker and more rewarding experience. This solution helps improve broker productivity by 15%. The same solution was also introduced to automate Aon’s fire inspection services. Using tablets Aon’s fire inspection team can now conduct assessments even in areas with no internet connectivity, dramatically reducing the turnaround time for inspection reports from 4 weeks to 2 days.

View the AON case study here.


For NZ Transport Agency, the Intelledox document creation platform assisted the agency to increase business efficiency through automation of bulk and ad-hoc document generation processes as well as providing the necessary structure to integrate with the agency’s existing business systems. The key to achieving significant cost benefits to the agency was the use of a single, highly robust and scalable automated process.

View the NZTA case study here.

Fuji Xerox New Zealand and Intelledox created an eform and document generation platform for a New Zealand’s leading life insurer to streamline their financial advice and insurance processes. The document generation solution is integrated with the financial adviser’s policy management system, in turn, allowing advisers to capture client financial information, deliver advice and complete applications for products as a single process. The Intelledox Infiniti solution is also used to generate and deliver policy documents to customers, dramatically improving adviser productivity and customer satisfaction.

Fuji Xerox and Intelledox understand what is at the heart of information sharing, and all the forms it can take. We optimise document and data processes to improve employee productivity, customer engagement, remove customer frustrations, and deliver tangible financial benefits. For more information please contact us today.

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