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Intelligent Forms

Routinely collect and use information with forms? There’s a better, digital way. And along with that comes all the intelligent advantages of automation, acceleration and modern user-friendly design.
Transform the way you acquire and manage customer and staff information. Our platform lets you manage information flow with intelligent next-generation forms, with event-driven workflow and on-demand customer communication management.

With a low-code, solution-ready platform, your existing systems of record are easily connected. Rapid introduction of intelligent forms means astounding returns on investment.

Available in on-premise or cloud Software as a Service delivery, Intelligent Forms transform manual, paper-based processes to deliver the advantages of reduced costs, faster processing, and more accurate, searchable data in business compliant documents.

A true technology partnership​

Aon turns to Fuji Xerox for more efficient ways of delivering their rural and fire inspection services.


Intelledox Infiniti Government Sector
Case Study


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Find out how Fuji Xerox New Zealand can transform and automate your forms today.