Leading New Zealand Financial Provider

Fuji Xerox facilitates faster finance card approval for customers of major retailer

The long-established provider of some of New Zealand’s leading credit cards also offers a branded finance card for one of the country’s oldest retail store chains. The branded card is accepted at leading supermarkets, petrol stations and thousands of other retailers nationwide.

The card application process was tedious as it was manually processed then faxed to a central number where the data was scanned and extracted from every field on the form. The inconsistent quality of fax lines sometimes slows down the process.

To improve the in-store application process for the brand owner, the card provider has consulted Fuji Xerox to streamline the application process by implementing the following:

  • Generate hard copy application forms into PDFs directly from the instore Fuji Xerox Multi Function Device (MFD).
  • Submit PDFs automatically to SharePoint, the online Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).
  • Identify incomplete or missing data in EDMS.
  • Automate data to card provider’s credit rating system.
  • Manage and upload the ‘Return to Sender’ documents into the card provider’s CRM program.
  • Submit monthly reports such as the type of errors and highest retail stores that have the highest errors.

Some of the key benefits delivered:

  • Decreased application turnaround time from 7:31 down to 04:56.
  • Improved quality assurance and system availability that sits consistently close to 100%.
  • Increased accuracy of card application data.
  • Vastly reduced printing costs.

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