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Lifetime powers productivity with software robotics

Lifetime is a New Zealand-wide financial advisory company committed to creating greater financial certainty. Having grown to over 140 staff, across 16 offices, Lifetime is a company of financial, business and insurance advisers providing loan, insurance, investment, and planning services.

With senior staff members spending an inordinate amount of time extracting and checking reams of data, Lifetime Group Limited (Lifetime) turned to Fuji Xerox New Zealand (Fuji Xerox) for a Robotic Process Automation solution.

Within a couple of weeks, Fuji Xerox delivered a Robotic Centre of Excellence, giving the company the ability to deploy software robots for data processing, not only meeting the immediate need, but creating an extensible capability to further deploy robots throughout the organisation.
Lucie Moloney-Geany
Project Coordinator, Lifetime
  • Required an innovative solution that will not only make the investment reporting process more efficient but will also allow staff to perform more cognitively.
  • To achieve an in-house capability known as a Robotic Centre of Excellence (RCE) where Lifetime Group’s team will be able to scope a process for suitability, design the corresponding robot and maintain that robot.
  • A simple electronic process that will eliminate ‘swivel-chair integration’ from the business.
  • Fuji Xerox emerged as the preferred supplier of a suitable solution, using Kofax RPA software. The solution includes cognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility and analytics which mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness by freeing staff to focus on activities that add value rather than data processing.
  • Out of five robots, one robot has saved 15 hours, and another has saved two weeks of manual work.
  • Data-cleansing exercise which required a person to spend over seven hours poring over a massive spreadsheet is now executed in 30 minutes, error free.
  • Stitching together information for client portals, which once took several hours, is delivered in three minutes.
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