Property Brokers make a smart financial move to Esker

Property Brokers real estate company has over 41 branches and over 550 people covering provincial New Zealand.

Business requirements:

  • Improve overall invoice management process through automated capture of invoices and electronic matching and routing for approval
  • Reduce time and cost associated with manual matching, distribution of invoices and keying of information
  • Provide visibility and accountability by being able to track invoices in real-time through the workflow approval process
  • Eliminate overpayments or double payments through rigorous automated checks for duplicates and improved visibility of billing history
  • Provide better service to the business by enabling retrieval of invoices and the associated audit logs within a couple of clicks
  • Ensure continuity and reliability of information through integration with Accredo (accounting system)


  • Esker Accounts Payable Automation platform processes 1.200 – 1,300 invoices a month
  • Solution implemented includes intelligent capture, touchless matching and electronic workflow capabilities


  • Automated invoice and expense approval process
  • Visibility provided to branch and department managers on costs
  • Reduced time and costs related to manual data entry and invoice handling
  • Cloud-based solution allows users to approve and view invoices
  • Monthly invoice processing close-off time reduced

To learn how property brokers mastered Accounts Payable Automation, click here.

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